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Safeguard your milk, ice cream mix, and other liquid products with high-performance Bag-in-Box bags and fitments from General Films. Manufactured to withstand the wear-and-tear from production through delivery, our bags and fitments clear a higher bar for quality standards.

That equates to fewer leakers on your production line, extended shelf life and freshness for your products, and greater satisfaction from your customers.

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Worry-Free Bag-in-Box Packaging


60+ years of experience in Bag-in-Box packaging solutions.


High-performance bags, fillers, and support you need, when you need them.

Attentive Service

Responsive parts and service team + direct access to our leaders.


Designed for simplicity to support your productivity and profitability.

Fluid Dairy and Ice Cream Mix Bags

For more than 60 years, General Films has supported the fluid dairy market with high-quality Bag-in-Box bags. Learn more about our dairy solutions.

GF Bag-in-Box Advantages

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On-Time Delivery

Perishable products don’t have the luxury of being shelved for later when Bag-in-Box bag shipments are delayed. At General Films, we commit to delivering what you need, when you need it. You can rest assured that your order will be delivered in a timely manner and have confidence in our open and transparent communication on the status of each order.

Grade A Protection

You need to have total confidence your liquid products will arrive in ready-to-serve condition. That starts by working with a Bag-in-Box packaging partner that prioritizes quality and service. We manufacture cap and dispenser bags using coextruded multi-layer film that provides exceptional pinhole resistance and secure seals. Our perforated web bags are fan-folded in a corrugated box for economical shipping and convenient storage.

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Dependable Quality

Reduce revenue loss with bags and fitments that hold their seals. We make our own film, BIB bags, and dispenser tubes. Our bags are drop tested to ensure they are tough enough to withstand challenging processing conditions. In addition, we use a proprietary method to securely seal tubes and cap fittings to the bags. By maintaining precise control over raw materials and production, we can ensure the quality and reliability of our Bag-in-Box bags are consistent every time.

Customized Bags

Your options aren’t limited with General Films. While we manufacture Bag-in-Box bags in standard 2.5-gallon and five-gallon sizes, we’ll gladly work with you to design bags that fit your exact requirements. Need a unique formulation for your film? We can help with that, too. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities give us the flexibility to tailor our products to your production needs.

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Sustainable Approach

With less weight and fewer raw materials, flexible bags offer a more sustainable option compared to many forms of packaging, such as single-service containers or rigid packaging. Less weight means lower shipping costs, and the boxes and crates used in Bag-in-Box are typically reusable or recyclable. In addition, the manufacturing process typically requires less energy, produces fewer emissions, and generally requires a smaller carbon footprint.

Attentive Service

Protect your margins and your brand with a partner that prioritizes your needs. As a family business, we understand the stakes you’re up against. Your reputation rests on fulfilling every order as promised. So does ours. If we promise it, we’ll deliver it.

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Additional Product Options

For your purchasing convenience, General Films can also supply additional flexible film packaging for pack off bags for your blow mold production and shrink film for case bundling applications. We can also provide food-grade thermoplastic tubes for your other dispensing needs. Since General Films manufactures film for many food packaging and industrial applications, there are often convenient and economic advantages to consolidating your packaging buy.

Bag-in-Box Bags and Fitments FAQs

What is your turn-around time for Bag-in-Box bags?

At General Films, we manufacture our own film for our Bag-in-Box bags, which allows us to control both quality and production time. We will work closely with you to forecast your needs, including for seasonality shifts, and establish a production schedule that aligns with your requirements. Our ability to support just-in-time delivery ensures you have the products you need when you need them without taking up valuable space in your processing plant. Just as important, we will communicate with you at every step so you know exactly when you can expect your shipments.

What size Bag-in-Box bags do you offer?

General Films manufactures Bag-in-Box bags in standard 2.5-gallon and 5-gallon sizes, but our customers are not limited to these specifications. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we can and will customize film formulation, fitments, and bag size to fit your needs. Our in-house laboratory enables us to analyze existing products and suggest improvements to fit your exact requirements.

Are any special certifications required for Bag-in-Box packaging for food products?

General Films is certified by the FDA to meet the hygienic standards for food packaging. We are also certified by the Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) which is specific to the Dairy industry and provides additional inspections for compliance with all FDA regulations. Additionally, GF is SQF- certified which is a stringent program that demonstrates our dedication and commitment to high quality and food safety.

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