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Gain More Value with a Family-Owned Bag-in-Box Partner

When you work with General Films, you gain a partner guided by decades of experience in Bag-in-Box systems combined with the traditional values of a family business. Now in our second generation, we fully appreciate how important it is to build trusting partnerships with customers.

You can count on us to provide the products and expertise you need when you need it. We have the people, knowledge, capabilities, and commitment to back up our promises and meet your expectations.

High-Performance Bag-in-Box Systems

Improve Your Packaging Operation with a Partner Who Will Support You Every Step of the Way

For more than 60 years, General Films has helped customers optimize their production with top-of-the-line Bag-in-Box solutions. Easy to use and built on outstanding customer service, our turnkey system provides you with the confidence you need to meet your customer commitments.

Intuitive design, attention to detail, dependable service, and strict compliance with all regulatory requirements make the General Films Bag-in-Box system a worry-free choice.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Dependable Quality: Stronger seals and higher quality film prevent leakers, reducing product waste and unplanned downtime.
  • Personalized Support: Our focus on attentive and responsive service ensures you have the support you need to maintain uptime.
  • Sustainable: BIB systems require fewer raw materials and produce less waste compared to other packaging, such as single-service containers or rigid packaging, to support your sustainability goals.
  • Lower Transportation Costs: Lighter, stackable, and more compact than other packaging methods, Bag-in-Box packaging can reduce your shipping costs.
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Why General Films INC.

Worry-Free Bag-in-Box Packaging


60+ years of experience in Bag-in-Box packaging solutions.


High-performance bags, fillers, and support you need, when you need them.

Attentive Service

Responsive parts and service team + direct access to our leaders.


Designed for simplicity to support your productivity and profitability.

Optimize Your Processing Operation

With rising costs and increased competition, you know the risk that unplanned downtime creates for your margins. When you partner with General Films, you gain a total solution provider for your Bag-in-Box packaging. From high-quality bags and fitments to reliable equipment and responsive service, we provide everything you need to efficiently package and protect your products.


Dependable Quality

Reduce leaks, waste, and downtime.

Premium Protection

Ensure products arrive ready to serve.

Responsive Service

Plan on products that arrive when promised.

Bag-in-Box Bags

Safeguard Your Perishables and End User Satisfaction with Durable Solutions

Reduce leakers on your production line and ensure your products arrive in pristine condition with high-performance Bag-in-Box bags and fitments from General Films.

We manufacture high-quality bags for milk, ice cream mix, and other liquid products. Learn more about how our bags deliver superior results for your packaging needs.

More about Bag-in-Box Bags

Serving the Fluid Dairy and Food Industry for More than 60 Years

For more than six decades, General Films has provided milk packaging and ice cream mix packaging solutions to hard-working dairy processors. We understand the specific challenges you are up against, which is why you can count on us to deliver what you need, when you need it. We are Made-in-America proud.

Bag-in-Box filler

Simple Controls

Change bag sizes in seconds.

Easy Changeovers

Run cap and tube bags on one filler.

Compact Design

Free up space on your floor.

Bag-in-Box Fillers

Filling Equipment for BIB Systems

Highly dependable and easy to operate, our Bag-in-Box fillers exceed all sanitary requirements. We’ll partner with you from design through installation, and we’ll be there with replacement parts and service when you need us.

Learn how our versatile line of Bag-in-Box fillers can streamline your operations.

More about Bag-in-Box Fillers

More About General Films, Inc.

Custom Film

Our Approach

We get to know your business and make your priorities our own.

Learn more

A History of Innovations

Early pioneers of Bag-in-Box systems, we understand the industry.

Learn more
custom film capabilities

Custom Film Capabilities

We manufacture high-quality film that can be customized to your application.

Learn more

What Our Bag-in-Box Customers Are Saying…

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“General Films has routinely demonstrated a commitment to
satisfy our quality and delivery expectations without
overcommitting or making false promises. They listen to the
customer and bring about innovative solutions. Their
responsiveness and customer service make them an easy
choice as a trusted partner.”

Joe Gomoll

General Manager, Meadowvale

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“The filling and capping devices are maintenance-free as well as exceptionally sanitary. We plan to use this filler for the foreseeable future for not only beverages and milk, but also soft serve and milkshake mixes.”

Craig Colonno

Purchasing Director, Anderson Erickson Dairy

Leiby's logo

“General Films has been an excellent partner for us. Whenever we need support they are quick to respond. The quality of General Films product offering is second to none, from their bags to filling equipment, and we could not be more pleased in our relationship.”

Keith Zimmerman

Owner, Leiby’s Dairy

Bag-in-Box FAQs

What is the advantage of a vertically integrated Bag-in-Box manufacturer?

One of the key benefits of a vertically integrated Bag-in-Box manufacturer is total control over the entire manufacturing process. This includes everything from purchasing high-grade raw materials to making the film and converting bags that meet exact specifications to final delivery to the customer. Customers have assurance that there are no unexpected surprises or last-minute substitutions that could cause defects or inconsistencies. This also significantly reduces potential issues within the supply chain that could potentially delay delivery of your bags.

What are some of the most important considerations for Bag-in-Box solutions in dairy packaging?

A primary consideration in the Dairy industry is the dependable and timely delivery of bags. Unlike other liquids, milk will spoil if there are any delays in packaging. It is critical that dairy processors have the bags they need at all times without any disruption to supply. That’s one of the many advantageous of working with General Films – we honor our commitments. Even in the most unexpected circumstances, like during the Covid-19 pandemic, General Films ensured that all of our customers had bags on-site and ready to run.

Why is Bag-in-Box a popular option for packaging?

Although Bag-in-Box has been around since the 1950s, it continues to expand worldwide into new and innovative liquid product packaging. Interestingly, General Films was at the forefront of the Bag-in-Box revolution, and we had several early patents specifically for the dairy industry. There are numerous advantages to a quality Bag-in-Box system. One of the most significant is sustainability compared to other types of packaging. Less waste, a lower carbon footprint, easier stacking and shipping, and other factors contribute to a more purposeful packaging solution.

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Our reputation for flexible packaging is built on more than six decades of providing comprehensive Bag-in-Box systems. Learn more about how our Bag-in-Box fillers can streamline your processing operations.

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