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Optimize your Bag-in-Box packaging operation with high-performance, low-maintenance Bag-in-Box fillers from General Films.

When you partner with us, you gain superior products backed by exceptional, personalized service. We bring more than six decades of Bag-in-Box system experience to the table. You’ll work with a team that is focused on helping you boost productivity and enhance the safety of your products.

Our Bag-in-Box fillers exceed all sanitary requirements, feature all stainless-steel construction, and provide trouble-free, low-maintenance operations. Best of all, they are Made in America. Whether you want to own or lease the equipment, we’ll work with you to support your operations.

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60+ years of experience in Bag-in-Box packaging solutions.


High-performance bags, fillers, and support you need, when you need them.

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Designed for simplicity to support your productivity and profitability.

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For more than 60 years, we have been providing comprehensive Bag-in-Box systems. Our fillers are highly regarded for their quality, simplicity, and a small footprint.

Bag-in-Box Filler Models

Bag-in-Box Fillers Model 89

Model 89

The Model 89 Filler is our large capacity Bag-in-Box filler for higher production volumes. View features below.

One operator can typically run three Model 89 Fillers. This model can fill eight to nine five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply.

The Model 89 Filler has a track record of success in dairies because it is highly efficient and maintenance free.

For smaller dairies, this model is an option developed with easy expansion in mind.

Bag-in-Box Fillers Model 56

Model 56

The Model 56 is our middle-capacity Bag-in-Box filler. It fills five to six five-gallon bags per minute, depending on product supply. The Model 56 offers a practical solution for dairies that like the easy operation of a semiautomatic filler. 

The ability to fill two bags simultaneously doubles your productivity and efficiency. The Model 56 has been a proven winner.

Typically, the only time customers make a change from the Model 56 is when they need added capacity and upgrade to a Model 89 Web Filler.

Bag-in-Box Fillers Model 34

Model 34

For lower volume filling situations, the Model 34 Filler may be just what you need for your processing operation. The Model 34 can fill three to four five-gallon bags per minute, depending on product supply. Offering a compact footprint with powerful features, the Model 34 is easy to use and durable.

It’s compatible with all of our standard bags, or you can customize a bag for your specific product.

Often customers begin with a Model 34 and upgrade to more capacity as their filling needs expand.

Advantages of GF Bag-in-Box Fillers

Versatile equipment

Versatile Bag-in-Box Filling Equipment

Work with a partner that does the homework to understand your operations. Our Bag-in-Box fillers offer many options to customize each application. We’ll meet with you to learn about your operation and recommend a filler solution that supports your current and projected production needs. From design to installation, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your team to make sure your equipment runs as expected and your staff understands how to properly operate and maintain the machine.

Simple by Design

Every second counts on the production line. Our filler cabinets offer a NEMA 4 construction, which includes a large HMI with simple controls for auto start, decap, recap, and eject. All fillers are clean-in-place capable and allow bag size changes in seconds, from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities. Your team can run either caps or dispenser tubes on the same machine eliminating the need for additional equipment.

simple by design
dependable service

Dependable Service

You have production targets to meet. We have your back. From replacement parts to onsite troubleshooting, we have a fully staffed and experienced tech team to serve as your on-call support.

Model 89 Features

bag-in-box Model 89 features

GF Filler FAQs

What are the advantages of General Films fillers?

General Films fillers are designed to support your operations. All of our models are simple by design so they can be operated with ease. In fact, one operator can run three of our Model 89 Fillers, allowing you to increase productivity without adding to your payroll. The controls are intentionally engineered to be easy to use and clean in place. In addition, all our fillers are custom designed to fit your operations. We will partner with you to deliver a solution that seamlessly supports your operations rather than requiring you to reconfigure your system to the equipment. All three of our fillers are the most compact fillers available on the market, freeing up your production space for other needs.

What are the cleaning and maintenance requirements for a GF Bag-in-Box filler?

Our Bag-in-Box fillers are simple by design to enhance both productivity and cleaning. We know how disruptive unplanned downtime to clean equipment can be to your production line. That’s why our fillers are designed to be cleaned in place, from top to bottom. Our HMI controls are moisture-resistant, enabling you to hose down the equipment without requiring special coverings or adjustments to protect the controls. Simply clean and restart operations without unnecessary steps.

Can I run dispenser tube bags and cap bags on one filler?

Yes, all Bag-in-Box fillers offered by General Films can run either dispenser tube bags and cap bags. This is a tremendous advantage for making easy changeovers according to your production schedule. You gain greater versatility in your operations without the need to invest in multiple fillers. In addition to holding down your capital costs, this also protects valuable free space on your production floor.

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