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General Films has been manufacturing custom film and Bag-in-Box packaging solutions since 1947. Headquartered in Covington, Ohio, we offer the full manufacturing capabilities of larger companies with the personalized service of a family-run business.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, we employ cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to produce a wide range of packaging solutions, from single-layer films for basic needs to intricate multi-layer packaging systems incorporating up to nine layers of materials.

Our innovative packaging solutions extend the shelf life of meat, dairy products, and other food items. We also manufacture industrial packaging solutions that can withstand the elements and safeguard palletized products, spare parts, and

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More than just a supplier of film and film-based products, we’ll help you simplify complex challenges. We’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to understand your business, analyze your specific needs, and engineer innovative solutions that meet your most exacting standards. Learn how we can help you achieve your business goals with high-quality products and service that exceed your expectations.

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Our reputation for flexible packaging is built on more than six decades of providing comprehensive Bag-in-Box systems. Learn more about how our Bag-in-Box fillers can streamline your processing operations.